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Cru Summer Reading Suggestions

by on May 18, 2010

Summer is a great time to get away from classes (for those of you not in summer school) and focus in a different way on growing in your relationship with Jesus. In Cru, we firmly believe that reading from other godly men and women is one of the best ways you can grow in Christ. It is like having a your own personal one-on-one with amazingly wise people.

Pick a few, or go nuts and read them all (I dare you!). So, without further adieu, here is our Cru Summer Reading List (P.S. – click on the name of the book to take you to Amazon for purchase):

Can’t Miss

  1. Prodigal God, Tim Keller – An amazing book that is short, but will take your heart deep into the gospel. Simply couldn’t recommend it more, for believers in Christ and non-believers.
  2. Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper – Great principles for anyone on how not to waste your life.
  3. How People Change, Tim Lane & Paul Tripp – No better book will give you biblical categories for how to grow in Christ. For discipleship, for leadership, for knowing Jesus more; read this book.
  4. Living the Cross-Centered Life, C.J. Mahaney – Solid, solid book on living from the reality of the cross
  5. DEVOTIONAL BOOK: What Jesus Demands From the World, John Piper – A wonderful book that focuses on studying every command that Jesus gave in the Gospels, broken up into small, day-length chapters

To Grow in Evangelism

  1. Reason for God, Tim Keller – Probably the best book out there today on answering the toughest objections to Christianity, as well as showing how Christianity reveals the only true hope
  2. Questioning Evangelism, Randy Newman – Great book to practically help you use Jesus’ method, questions, to tell people the gospel
  3. God Space, Doug Pollock – Amazing and practical thoughts on telling people about Jesus over the long-haul

Going Deeper

  1. Desiring God, John Piper – Will revolutionize your view of pleasure in God. It is not light reading, but it is worth it.
  2. The Cross of Christ, John Stott – In depth look at the work of Jesus on the cross. A longer read, but incredibly worth it.
  3. Sex is Not the Problem (Lust is), Joshua Harris – A solid read on one of the toughest idols we bow down to, lust.

All right, that should be plenty for anyone to read all summer! If you want more suggestions, or have specific topics, feel free to email us at

Have a great summer!


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